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Now In: Leviton → ControlThink

ControlThink is a leading provider of home and building control solutions. ControlThink creates enduser products and services and provides middleware and white-label solutions for industry partners. ControlThink is dedicated to making home control simpler and more affordable for all homeowners.

The company will also roll out new versions of ThinkEssentials software that support more devices including security cameras and irrigation.

“We’ll cover more of the whole home, rather than just lighting and security,” Walker says.

The flagship ThinkEssentials software is available for $49. Newer versions, including products geared toward Media Center PCs, may go for double that amount—still in the realm of the mass market.

Leviton ControlThink CTZUS-1EU ThinkStick USB Z-Wave Interface
Leviton ControlThink CTZUS-1EU ThinkStick USB Z-Wave Interface - 868 Z-Wave
Price: $39.95 
Intermatic Z-Wave USB Interface
Leviton ControlThink CTZUS-1US ThinkStick USB Z-Wave Interface
Price: $39.95 
ThinkEssentials 2.1 Professional w/ThinkStick
Leviton ControlThink CTTEP-20W - ThinkEssentials 2.1 Professional w/ThinkStick
Price: $99.95 
ThinkEssentials 2.1 Edition w/ThinkStick
Leviton ControlThink CTTES-20W - ThinkEssentials 2.1 Edition w/ThinkStick
Price: $49.95