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Now In: Home AutomationPlug In ModulesAppliance Modules → Evolve LPM-15 Plug-In Appliance Module

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Evolve LPM-15 Plug-In Appliance Module

Price: $49.90 


- Provides wireless ON/OFF control of lamps and appliances

- Plugs directly into wall outlet and provides a switched 120 VAC source.

- Includes pass through plug.

- Supports load sensing so load is automatically turned on if the attached light is turned on manually. (load should be at least 25 watts for this feature to work)

- Supports Z-Wave 40Kbps speeds

- Resistive Loads: 15 amps (1800 watts) maximum, 120 VAC

- Each Plug-In Appliance Module functions as automatic repeater to other Z-Wave Modules to ensure full home coverage.

- Signal (Frequency): 908.42 MHz

- Range: Up to 100 feet line of sight between the Wireless Controller and /or the closest HomePro Module

- Z-Wave Version 4.52

- Network Inclusion

- Scene - Command Class

- Security Compatible

Evolve LPM-15 Specifications

The Evolve LPM-15 Plug-In Appliance Module is a component of the Evolve lighting control system. Plug the Appliance Module into a wall outlet and plug a load into the Appliance Module. Remote ON/OFF control of the connected load is possible with the ZTH100 RF Wireless Controller (sold separately). This plug-in Appliance Module is designed to work with other Evolve lamp and appliance controls. Z-Wave devices of other types can be added to the system. As part of a HomePro network, the Evolve LPM-15 will act as a wireless repeater to insure that commands intended for another device in the network are received. This is useful when the device would otherwise be out of the radio range of the wireless controller. There are no field repairable assemblies on this unit. It is covered by a one year limited warranty. If service is needed, the unit must be returned where purchased.

Plug this Appliance Module into the wall outlet near the load to be controlled, and plug the load into the Appliance Module. See the HomePro ZTH100 Wireless Controller operating instructions to add this module under the command of the Wireless Controller. Make sure the load to be controlled is 15 amps (1800 watts) or less.

Appliance Module Configuration Button
The Appliance Module has a button on the face (see picture above) that can switch the attached load ON and OFF, and is also used to configure the Appliance Module to operate from the Wireless Controller. With the Wireless Controller, the Appliance Module can be switched ON and OFF remotely, and can be included in groups of modules (a group can also be a single module) that operate at the same time, or a scene that sets a lighting mood if the load is a lamp.

Switching power on and off (locally)
When the button on the Appliance Module is pressed and released, the power will toggle. This means that power will be turned OFF if it was ON and turned ON if it was OFF.

Child Protection
The Appliance Module can be set in a child protect mode by the Wireless Controller. When this mode is active, a user will have to press the button on the Appliance Module 3 times rapidly to activate the attached load. The module operates normally when controlled by the Wireless Controller.

Other functions
The button on the Appliance Module also plays a role as a reset in addition to adding module to groups and scenes. This is described in more detail in the Wireless Controller instructions.


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