110/220/240V Omni-Bus Lighting Control Network

110/220/240V Omni-Bus Lighting Control Network

With HAI's Omni-Bus Lighting Network you can combine the benefits of a central lighting control system with the flexibility of a distributed lighting control system. Lighting control can enhance the enjoyment and value of your home, add security for peace of mind, and contribute to savings on your energy bill. Control up to 256 lights, shades, fans, shutters, pumps, and much more with HAI Omni-Bus. Each product works in 110/220/240V markets unless otherwise noted. All modules are CE, FCC, UL (ETL) approved.

The key benefits include elegant, multi-button programmable wall switches while eliminating the expense of in-wall high voltage wiring to multi-way switches. Whereas competing central lighting systems require home runs to a single central cabinet, modular Omni-Bus components can be located where needed to save wiring and installation costs.

OmniBus architecture includes low cost splitters and T-connections for ease of installation and expandability. OmniBus network can be star, hub and spoke, daisy chain or a combination. T-connections allow a spur to be added to any network cable. An OmniBus Network can co-exist and interact with OmniBus Wireless products in the same installation.

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How HAI Omni-Bus Works
HAI Omni-Bus is easy to use and includes free setup software. Diagnostic LED's on the devices help with installation of up to 256 nodes on the network. Standard Category 5 UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) data cable is used between the devices and features up to 1000m OmniBus cable length.

Power modules feed power to dimmer or non-dimming switches. Each switch wires to a DIN rail module. The power for the circuit also goes to these DIN rail modules, thus switches are not directly wired to lights but rather to the modules controlling the lights. As with third-party solutions, Omni-Bus lighting works by a low voltage wire from the hardwired switch to the dimmer DIN rail module, but with the distinctive advantage of being an HAI product.

OmniBus components assure properly terminated data cable for high speed data bus – no jumpers to set. The OmniBus network is powered by a low supply voltage (24VDC) power supply. Each module is optically isolated from the mains supply side, making modules safer for users, installers. Modules are more resistant to electrical surges and lightning.

Integrating with an HAI Home Control System
Omni-Bus Products work as stand-alone or with an HAI Home Control System.

An HAI home control system has the ability to change your light settings by the time of day, a set schedule, by the triggering of events (including motion), via a telephone call, Touchscreen, Smartphone, or by a computer connected to the Internet. Interface to HAI Controllers is via Ethernet port – no serial connection is needed.

The Home Lighting Control Alliance says that dimming your lights by 25% saves 20% of the energy used and extends bulb life by 10 times. Dimming your lights by 50% saves 40% in energy and extends bulb life by 20 times. HAI systems can automatically set lights to any percentage, saving you money every time a light is turned on.

Your HAI system can automatically turn off all of the lights in the house when you leave in order to lower your electric bill.