HAI Music Gateway

HAI Music Gateway

What does it do?
The HAI Music Gateway opens up your music collection to the rest of your home. A music server/renderer with three independent stereo channels, the Music Gateway uses an HAI IP OmniTouch Touchscreen for selecting music from anywhere in the house.

Selections can be made by artist, title, genre, or playlist. Album art and other meta-data can even be viewed. Where a Hi-Fi by HAI or other multi-room audio system is available, the Music Gateway can be fully integrated. Use existing playlists, or create new ones on the fly. Simply push the "+" button to add a song to your new playlist.

Includes HAI WL3 software for IP Camera Integration!
There is a reason HAI calls it the Music Gateway: included is HAI’s advanced WL3 software for home control and IP camera integration. With WL3, homeowners can access their entire home automation system.

Users can access their property via mobile devices such as the iPhone™, BlackBerry™, Windows™ Phones, Android™ Phones, or another device with a web browser. With WL3, record and play videos from IP cameras based on system events including motion, alarm, and door openings.

The ability to store surveillance video off-site in a shared folder is a great feature, especially for commercial installations.

Is it easy to install and use?
Installation is accomplished via Automation Studio and an included PC client application. Load music via the computer and it automatically brings in artwork, tracks, album, and artist.

You can store thousands of song titles on the 500GB internal hard drive. Easily set up and load music to the Music Gateway from a computer. Control song selection, browse by album, view zones, and select music sources using the IP-based OmniTouch 5.7e Touchscreens.

Video Demo
The following video demonstrates the Music Gateway:

Hardware Specifications

  • 3 Independent Stereo channels. 
  • 500 GB Storage with ability to watch network-shared folders.
  • Works seemlessly with Hi-Fi by HAI and supported multi-room audio systems. 
  • Designed to be installed in structured wiring enclosure. 
  • Includes HAI's WL3 software which allows remote access via Internet or mobile device such as an iPhone, Droid.

Interface on OmniTouch IP Touchscreens

HAI Music Gateway Media Screen HAI Music Gateway Media Source Screen HAI Music Gateway Zone Screen
Media Screen Source Screen Zone Screen

HAI's Automation Studio software allows you to customize the graphic user interface for OmniTouch 5.7e Touchscreens. Interfaces can be personalized with control icons that suit the homeowner's specific demands.

Hardware Diagrams

Music Gateway DiagramHAI Music Gateway Specs

HAI Music Gateway Tech Sheet
HAI Music Gateway Manual

HAI 84A00-1 Music Gateway
Price: $1,798.20