Omni Home Control Systems


Omni Home Control Systems

Automate your Home or Business
HAI Omni control systems are the brain of your automated home/business because they can coordinate all of the systems in your home/business to talk to each other. It adjusts the security, access control, cooling, heating, lighting, and surveillance automatically for comfort, convenience, and safety.

Omni home control systems feature built-in UL Listed security and fire systems, Lights, temperature, security, access control, surveillance, and audio can be scheduled by time, sunrise, sunset, date, day of week, as well as by system event, such as motion detected, door opened, or mode changed.

The Omni family of home control systems consists of the OmniPro II, the Omni IIe, and the Omni LT to meet virtually all size, sophistication, and pricing requirements. Each model offers the best price/performance ratio in its class.

Omni Home Control Systems Whole House Overview