Keep an Eye on Your Home

On vacation and worried about the safety of your home? Want to check up on children, elderly relatives, or pets from your office? View live cameras or record footage to be viewed at your convenience.

HAI offers an indoor/outdoor IP camera, two high quality analog cameras, and an HAI Camera Server. The Camera Server lets you convert analog camera signals to IP video streams, letting you view them via its embedded web server.

HAI's survellance products may be used in a stand-alone installation or integrated with an HAI home control system.

Expand Your Benefits with an HAI Home Controller

Cameras can be viewed on all OmniTouch Touchscreens, over the Internet, or on your Smartphone. When the front door bell rings or motion is detected in the pool area or driveway, the video feed can automatically appear on a Touchscreen or TV in your home.

HAI Surviellance