HAI Omni LTe Home Control System


HAI Omni LTe Home Control System

The Omni LTe is a full sized HAI home control board with flash memory and five serial ports, as well as an Ethernet port for remote access. LTe supports the following protocols and products: X-10, UPB, Omni-Bus, ZigBee, Vizia RF Z-Wave, Clipsal C-Bus, Dynalite, Coolmaster, KNX, HAI Hi-Fi, HAI Hi-Fi 2

The Omni LTe is the brain of your automated home, and it can coordinate all of the systems in your home to talk to each other. The system provides enhanced comfort, safety, convenience and energy savings by coordinating lighting, heating and air, security, scenes and messaging based on activity and schedules.

HAI by Leviton systems are simple to understand and operate, which is why they are Automation Simplified®. Even young children can learn and understand basic features of these systems.

HAI Omni LTe Home Control System

Omni LTe controllers are CP-01 compliant and UL Listed security and fire systems. They detect intrusion, smoke and fire, carbon monoxide, water, and other hazards with wired or wireless sensors.

Individual user codes can be set up for certain access cards on certain days. This is very useful for your maid service or a landscaper.

In an emergency, the Omni LTe can communicate with a central monitoring station and provide voice notifications to up to eight phone numbers. In the event of a fire, the air conditioning is turned off to deter the spread of smoke and fire. You can also set the system to turn on all of the lights in the house to aid in your family's safe exit.

You may set up a series of actions when the security is armed or disarmed, and these actions may be customized based upon which user is doing the arming or disarming.

Surveillance cameras can be viewed on HAI by Leviton OmniTouch Touchscreens, over the Internet, or on your Smartphone. When the doorbell rings or motion is detected outside, the video feed can automatically appear. Want to invite your guest in? Simply press and hold the camera selection button to open the door or gate. If desired, the camera feeds may be recorded.

HAI by Leviton offers a high security, digitally encrypted, proximity Access Control reader to manage access to gates and doors. It uses either a standard credit card sized Access Control Card or convenient Access Control Keytag to access the system. Because each card or keytag is tied to a specific user all of the actions can also be customized for each individual user.

HAI Omni LTe Home Control System - Security email when child comes home

Omni LTe - Protect your valuables at home

HAI Omni LTe Home Control System - Security Video Surveillance


Lighting Control
An Omni LTe system can control your home lighting by schedule, motion detection, door openings, sunrise, sunset, alarm activation/deactivation and more. Omni LTe supports HAI by Leviton Lighting Control products including HLC, Omni-Bus, Vizia RF, Z-Wave, and ZigBee. Supported products include dimmers, switches, remote controls, and plug-in modules.

Enjoy the benefits of a sophisticated lighting control system by setting scenes, fades, and dimming levels. You can easily set elegant lighting scenes for each room or for the whole house, without the use of complicated software programs or the need to rewire your home.

Just touch one button to turn every light in a room or whole house on or off. Custom laser engraved lighting control keypads on switches are available to personalize scenes in rooms for a romantic evening or a social gathering.

HAI Omni LTe Home Control System - Lighting Control

Energy Management
By controlling temperature and lighting based on time of day or occupancy, HAI by Leviton products can reduce energy cost. Studies show that dimming a light by just 10% can save 10% of electricity and double the life of the bulb. HAI by Leviton systems can automatically set lights to 90%, saving you money every time a light is turned on.

With HAI by Leviton's wired or ZigBee wireless Omnistat2 Thermostats, you may control your home's temperatures through your Omni LTe system by schedule and activity - such as alarm status, room occupancy, or outdoor temperature.

Load Control Modules allow for control of pool pumps and electrical hot water heaters.

Using HAI by Leviton temperature and humidity sensors allow for temperature-based programming of events in your Omni LTe. The temperature may be used to activate programs for controlling temperatures in attics, garages, greenhouses, basements, wine cellars, coolers. ZigBee devices allow for control of water heaters, pumps, fountains, and much more.

By using a telephone or one of HAI by Leviton's optional Internet control software packages you can warm up or cool down the house after a vacation, check on temperatures, and save energy.

HAI Omni LTe Home Contro System - Energy Management - Heating & Cooling Management

HAI Omni LTe Home Control System - Energy Management - Heating & Cooling Control


The Omni LTe may be integrated with the Hi-Fi 2 multi-room audio systems. Use the Bluetooth Remote Input Module to stream music from your iPhone, iPad or Android phone/tablet throughout the entire home or business.

Music can be coordinated with your activities:
Mute bedroom and outdoor zones when it's bedtime

When entering your alarm code to leave the house, automatically turn off your audio system and components When you have a Hi-Fi 2 system with an Omni LTe system you may use your telephone to make announcements throughout the house over the Hi-Fi speakers. It will even mute zones that are currently playing to hear the announcement and turn on zones that are off so that they will also hear the announcement.

HAI by Leviton's OmniTouch 5.7 Touchscreen and smartphone/tablet apps may be used to graphically select and distribute music from any audio source to different rooms in your house simultaneously and independently. You can control on/off, volume, muting, transports, audio source, and many other functions for each audio zone.

Looking for video distribution or control over your home theater system components? The Omni LTe connects to HAI by Leviton's Home Theater Extender (HTX). Automate equipment based on schedule or push one button on your phone or Touchscreen to activate appropriate A/V equipment, lower a projection screen, close the window coverings, adjust the temperature, dim the lights, and lock all doors.

HAI Omni LTe Home Control System - Entertainment - Music Control

HAI Omni LTe - Entertainment

HAi Omni LTe Home Entertainment Control


Interface Options
The Omni LTe may be accessed and controlled over the Internet and any telephone either from within or away from home. Check and adjust lights, temperature, and security from your phone and/or computer. Not only can you call to check on the status of your home over the telephone, but your system can actually contact you! Program your system to call you over the phone to inform you when your children have arrived home from school or if the alarm has gone off.

You may add additional interface options, such as OmniTouch Touchscreens, to your Omni LTe system. The interfaces of HAI's IP-based Touchscreens may be customized for your lifestyle or tailored specifically for each room and can feature VoIP Intercom.

The Omni LTe may be controlled remotely from a PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or e-Reader. Choose from one of HAI by Leviton's award-winning software or app options to provide Internet access and control.

Omni LTe Interface Options

Omni LTe Interface Options


You can expand and customize your Omni LTe automation system now, or at any time in the future. You can add Touchscreens, remotes, or Multi-Room Audio and home theater controls.

HAI by Leviton offers a full line of accessories for HAI by Leviton Home Control, Lighting Control, Energy Management, Entertainment, and Interface Options to increase features and benefits. Accessories may be added at the time of initial installation or later as needs change.

Adding an optional Two-Way Voice Module to your Omni LTe allows it to make announcements by working in conjunction with the speakers located in a Omni console with a speaker/microphone module. For example, you can have your HAI by Leviton Home Control System remind you every Wednesday night at 8:00 PM that tonight is trash night.

Omni LTe systems have five built-in serial ports and an Ethernet port to allow expansion of your system using other HAI by Leviton products or select products from our Connectivity Partners. They also have flash firmware, which makes upgrades free and easy.


HAI by Leviton uses embedded controller technology in its Omni home control systems, a technology proven to be reliable with decades of use. We still have many of our first generation controllers in use, some of them have been installed and running continuously since 1988!

All HAI by Leviton products will work in a stand-alone fashion so they are not dependent on any other products in the house. If you have a leaky roof that short circuits your Omni controller, everything in the house will function as normal. For example, light switches still control the lights and thermostats still control your heating and cooling system. There is no single part that can cause an entire system to fail. That is not true of many of our competitors’ products.

*Omni LTe systems are designed for professional installation. The licensing requirements for their installation vary by state because Omni systems have built-in security.


Comparison of Omni LTe to Other Omni Family Controllers
Click here to download a PDF comparison chart. HAI by Leviton outlines the differences between the OmniPro II, Omni IIe, Omni LTe, and Omni LT home control systems.

HAI by Leviton makes sure that all of our products are tested to the highest industry standards to ensure reliability and safety. To ensure the highest quality, HAI by Leviton has products tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the most stringent test lab in North America. Many of our competitors refuse or are unable to meet these strict requirements.

In addition to meeting UL requirements, HAI by Leviton also meets CE requirements. In most cases the requirements and testing for CE are more difficult, but HAI by Leviton goes the extra distance to ensure the highest quality product available


UL Residential Fire and Burglary

UL Commercial Burglary

UL Energy Management (Omnistat Thermostats)

FCC Part 15J, Part 68

California Title 24

Compliant California State Fire Marshall

CP-01 Compliant

CE (European Standard)

IS-60 (Canadian Standard)

RoHS Compliant





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