HAI Scene Switch


HAI Scene Switch

A Scene Switch is a Powerful Tool for Creating Sophisticated Lighting Control
A Scene Switch allows you to control all lights in a room or area. Lights may be turned on, off, dimmed, brightened, and set to four different scenes to provide limitless options for both security and aesthetic lighting in your home.

A Scene Switch is capable of controlling up to 7 UPB™ switches. Scene Switches may act as stand-alone devices to create simple lighting control for homeowners who do not desire a home control system.

Easy to Set Scenes
No home control system or software is required for you to change lighting scenes on a Scene Switch. The 4 scenes on a Scene Switch are easily set by first pressing the Scene Switch button that is to remember the scene, then setting the lights it controls to the desired levels, and then quickly pressing the same Scene Switch button 5 times in a row.

HAI Scene Switch
HAI Scene Switch Remote Control Remote Control
Scene Switches have an integrated infrared sensor and its buttons may be activated by a remote control. This remote control allows the homeowner to activate any button on the room's scene switch or any button on up to three other scene switches in the house.

Scene Switch Operation
The Auxiliary switch has a Decora-style rocker switch that may be used to control the lighting load as follows:

HAI Scene Switch Operation
Event What Happens
Single-Tap On Brightens the lights towards fully on
Double-Tap On Snaps the lights to fully on
Hold Down On Lights will slowly brighten until On button is released
Tap A Changes light levels to what is configured for the scene associated with this button
Tap B Changes light levels to what is configured for the scene associated with this button
Tap C Changes light levels to what is configured for the scene associated with this button
Tap D Changes light levels to what is configured for the scene associated with this button
Single-Tap Off Starts dimming the light towards fully off
Double-Tap Off Snaps the lights to fully off
Hold Down Off Lights will slowly dim until Off button is released



HAI Kitchen Scene Switch HAI Greatroom Scene Switch
    All lights on for setting the table or cleaning up. Full brightness allows you to see what you are doing.
    Morning scene for cooking and eating breakfast before school/work. The lights are dimmed to provide gentle light to wake up and get moving.
    Evening scene for dinner. The lights are set in a subdued setting perfect for casual dining.
    Homework scene. Turns off most of the lights in the kitchen, but fully illuminates the area over the breakfast room table.
    Birthday & Party scene. The lights are set to provide just enough light to enjoy the candles.
    All lights are turned off.
    Full brightness for finding those keys or remote.
    A reading scene for glare-free reading.
    Movie scene to adjust lights for best contrast on the wide-screen.
    Party scene to adjust your lights for the proper party atmosphere.
    Nightcap scene for evenings when a nightcap may be enjoyed by the fireplace.
    All lights are turned off.

The buttons glow dimly to act as a night light. The last activated button glows brightly using a blue color.

You may change to change the intensity, but not the color, of the LED on a Scene Switch, by using the HAI UPB™ UPStart configuration software (see below).


The default color for a Scene Switch is White. Scene Switch Color Change Kits, sold in case lots of 12 only, are available in White, Ivory, Almond, Light Almond, Brown, Grey, and Black.

HAI Auxiliary Switch Color Change Kit Swatches

No Wallplate is included when you purchase a Scene Switch. With the exception of the 1500W and 2400W models, HAI Lighting Control (HLC) switches accommodate standard Decora-style Wallplates. Mix and match to easily add a personalized touch to any room.

HAI Scene Switch

About HAI Lighting Control (HLC)
HLC Products work as stand alone or with a Home Control System. An HAI home control system has the ability to change your light settings by the time of day, a set schedule, by the triggering of events (including motion), via a telephone call, Touchscreen, Smartphone, or by a computer connected to the Internet. To discover more about lighting control with an HAI home control system click here.

All HLC products are UL Listed and use Generation III Universal Powerline Bus (UPB™) – a digital communications standard for lighting and home control that ensures superior reliability. UPB™ has been extensively tested and researched in residential environments and found to be 99.9 percent reliable. UPB™ works over existing wires in a home and does not require new wiring.


Configuration Software
When used with an Omni family or Lumina family home control system HLC products automatically configure themselves, and outside software is not required.

HAI-UPB-Upstart-Configuration-Software will allow you to change the intensity, but not the color, of the LED on a Scene Switch.


Requirements / Recommendations

  • Scene Switches require a neutral (white) connection wire.
  • If you are using an HAI home control system with HLC switches, you must install a UPB™ PIM.
  • HAI recommends that every HAI Lighting Control (HLC) installation include a Phase Coupler.
  • To use the HAI Upstart Configuration software you must install a UPB™ PIM and use a UPB™ PIM to computer cable to connect it to a computer.
  HAI Scene Switch Manual
HAI Scene Switch Remote Control Manual