HAI House Status Switch


HAI House Status Switch

Turn On/Off All Room Lights with One Button
A House Status Switch may be used as master lighting control to show the status and turn all lights on or all lights off in up to 8 rooms in a home where HAI Lighting Control (HLC) Switches have been installed. It can also be used for various other lighting control applications, such as controlling 8 individual loads or lighting scenes.

A House Status Switch requires the installation of an Omni family or Lumina family home control system to your HLC installation.

House Status Switch Operation
If a button is lit, one or more lights in the room is on. Pressing a lighted button turns off all of the lights in that room. When a non-lighted button is pressed all of the lights in that room are turned on.

The House Status Switch is fully customizable through HAI's standard setup. For example, a House Status Switch button in a home theatre room may be set to run a program within the home control system that shuts the room's outside curtains, opens the curtains in front of the theatre screen, adjusts the temperature to a cozy setting, and dims the room's lights to an optimal setting to watch a movie.

HAI 38A00-2 House Status Switch

The limits to the number of House Status Switches that may be controlled by an HAI home control system are as follows:

HAI Home Control System MAX House Status Switches
OmniPro II 31
Omni IIe 8
Omni LT 2
Lumina Pro 31
Lumina 8


Custom Engraving
A House Status Switch may have its buttons custom engraved to "name" the room for each button.


Each pushbutton is slightly backlit so that the buttons may be seen in a dark room. Depending on the configuration of the House Status Switch, one or more of the eight pushbuttons will be distinctly illuminated in blue color, indicating that one or more lights are on in the respective room(s). If a pushbutton is not illuminated, all of the lights in the respective rooms are currently off.

You may change the intensity, but not the color, of the LED using the HAI UPB™ UPStart configuration software.


The default color for a House Status Switch is White. House Status Switch Color Change Kits, sold in case lots of 12 only, are available in White, Ivory, Almond, Light Almond, Brown, Grey, and Black.

HAI House Status Switch Color Change Kit Swatches

No Wallplate is included when you purchase a House Status Switch. With the exception of the 1500W and 2400W models, HAI Lighting Control (HLC) switches accommodate standard Decora-style Wallplates. Mix and match to easily add a personalized touch to any room.

Custom Faceplate

About HAI Lighting Control (HLC)
HLC Products work as stand alone or with a Home Control System. Note that a House Status Switch only works with an HAI home control system.

An HAI home control system has the ability to change your light settings by the time of day, a set schedule, by the triggering of events (including motion), via a telephone call, Touchscreen, Smartphone, or by a computer connected to the Internet. To discover more about lighting control with an HAI home control system click here.

All HLC products are UL Listed and use Generation III Universal Powerline Bus (UPB™) – a digital communications standard for lighting and home control that ensures superior reliability. UPB™ has been extensively tested and researched in residential environments and found to be 99.9 percent reliable. UPB™ works over existing wires in a home and does not require new wiring.


Configuration Software
When used with an Omni family or Lumina family home control system HLC products automatically configure themselves, and outside software is not required.

HAI-UPB-Upstart-Configuration-Software will allow you to change the intensity, but not the color, of the LED on a Scene Switch.


Requirements / Recommendations

  • House Status Switches require a neutral (white) connection wire.
  • House Status Switches require that an HAI home control system be installed.
  • If you are using an HAI home control system with HLC switches, you must install a UPB™ PIM.
  • HAI recommends that every HAI Lighting Control (HLC) installation include a Phase Coupler.
  • To use the HAI Upstart Configuration software you must install a UPB™ PIM and use a UPB™ PIM to computer cable to connect it to a computer.
  HAI 38A00-2 House Status Manual