HAI UPB™ PIM & Cable


HAI UPB™ PIM & Cable

Providing Connectivity to Your UPB™ Lighting System
The Powerline Interface Module (PIM) sends and receives UPB™ signals over the powerline. It connects the UPB™ lighting system to an automation system or computer, which can then control the lights. The PIM makes the lighting system accessible through the home computer or from a remote location over the Internet.

The status light on the PIM will blink red when it transmits a UPB™ signal on the powerline and it will blink green when it receives a valid UPB™ signal on the powerline.

The PIM comes with a cable for connecting the PIM to a serial port on an HAI home control system, and is compatible with HAI's Lumina, Lumina Pro, Omni LT, Omni II, Omni IIe, and OmniPro II home control systems.

A UPB™ PIM to computer cable may be purchased to connect the PIM to a computer's standard DB-9 serial port for use with HAI UPB™ UPStart configuration software.

HAI 36A00-1 UPB PIM & Cable

About HAI Lighting Control (HLC)
HLC Products work as stand alone or with a Home Control System. An HAI home control system has the ability to change your light settings by the time of day, a set schedule, by the triggering of events (including motion), via a telephone call, Touchscreen, Smartphone, or by a computer connected to the Internet. To discover more about lighting control with an HAI home control system click here.

All HLC products are UL Listed and use Generation III Universal Powerline Bus (UPB™)– a digital communications standard for lighting and home control that ensures superior reliability. UPB™ has been extensively tested and researched in residential environments and found to be 99.9 percent reliable. UPB™ works over existing wires in a home and does not require new wiring.


Requirements / Recommendations

  • If you are using an HAI home control system with HLC switches, you must install this PIM.
  • HAI recommends that every HAI Lighting Control (HLC) installation include a Phase Coupler (HAI Part Number 39A00-1).
  • To use the HAI Upstart Configuration software you must install this PIM and use a UPB™ PIM to computer cable (HAI Part Number 36A05-2) to connect it to a computer.
  HAI 36A00-1 UPB PIM Manual