Intermatic:  InTouch

Intermatic has built upon the Z-Wave view of the network, with its new InTouch system that allows the creation and use of network level applications. These InTouch Applications view the network as a whole, as a unified entity within the home. The InTouch Applications move networking commands beyond a script of individual instructions, into a network-wide information service and distributed processing system. Rather than having one PC that constantly needs to request and react to changes in a device’s or group of devices’ status, any device can ask the network to tell them when status has changed. InTouch Applications can merge scenes together into a new scene, collect trend data, tell the user when a device’s battery is low, that a door opened, today’s weather, stock quotes or whatever else they request.

With the InTouch network at the center of the home, the slave devices are given more responsibility and some of the burden is taken off of the controller. The network as a whole reacts to an input or command. Each device does its own part to execute the command or gather the information, with the controller responsible for compiling or directing that information. This reduces the processing power required in the controller to get the task done. Many simple slave devices have a large portion of their processors unutilized. This is because both the Z-Wave code requirements and the application code requirements are simpler for a slave than a controller. This unutilized space can be used for advancement of network level applications.

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