Leviton Home Automation Lighting:  Dimmers, Switches & More

Leviton was founded in 1906 to manufacture a single product: tip mantles for gas lights. Since then, the Company has become a leading North American producer of electrical and electronic products.

Leviton believes that enabling new technologies to customize and schedule common lifestyle activities performed everyday is beneficial in any home. Simply stated, quality home automation makes life easier. Controlling lights with single-button scene control and zone control add new dimensions to a lighting system—a dimension you can’t achieve with a solo dimmer on the wall. In fact, home lighting automation is one of the most powerful methods Interior Designers use to change moods in a room.

Vizia-RF: Simply Brilliant Inside and Out

Vizia-RF is the culmination of combining the beautiful Vizia™ line of lighting devices with a reliable wireless communication technology. Vizia-RF boasts advanced lighting control and wireless home automation capabilities. Advanced features such as enhanced two-way, load sensing, energy saving dim-lock on our dimmers, adjustable fade rates, simplified installation techniques and more are all featured with a Vizia-RF system.

Decora Home Controls: The Preferred Brand of Power-line Based Home Control

Decora Home Controls (DHC) combines the best of intelligent design with ease of installation. DHC components operate by communicating on existing household power-line wires. To make them dependable, Leviton has developed the acclaimed Intellisense™ signal integrity technology. DHC switches, dimmers and scene controller are easy to use and as reliable as conventional devices ― and feature aesthetically pleasing Decora designer styling.