LevNet RF Wireless Self-Powered Solutions

The LevNet RF Self-Powered Wireless Solutions line expands Leviton’s wireless offering to provide customers with additional easy-to-install energy saving solutions. Using wireless and self-powered technologies developed and licensed from EnOcean, the worldwide leader in wireless control technology, LevNet RF solutions are maintenance-free, saving ongoing labor and material costs while saving energy. Wireless and self-powered technology means no new wiring, external power, or batteries are required.

With no additional wiring required, installation is quick and easy and takes only minutes to configure. LevNet RF offers simple lighting control and configurability for occupancy sensing, ON/OFF switching, 3-way switching, bi-level switching, hotel HVAC control, and much more for design flexibility. No wires, no batteries, and no limits for a flexible and cost-effective energy savings solution in any application – this makes LevNet RF the preferred solution for retrofit and new construction applications. In addition, the LevNet RF line is Made in USA, ARRA, and Buy American compliant.


Energy Savings

  • Place virtually anywhere and control any compatible wireless device within range - the opportunities for energy savings are limitless
  • Wireless self-powered occupancy sensors turn lights and other devices off when a room is unoccupied
  • Wireless self-powered temperature sen­sors set heating or air conditioning to an “economy” setting
  • Master switch stops current to devices that draw standby power and ensures lights, fans, and other devices are off when exiting

Material Savings

  • No wires to run - reduce the amount of materials, labor, and time on installation
  • No batteries or external power required - save on materials, energy, and waste from battery manufacturing and disposal

Minimize Costs

  • Shorten electrical planning by hours
  • Reduce labor required for initial installation and ongoing maintenance
  • Flexible, adaptable systems can be moved or expanded with ease after initial installation
  • Avoid wall repairs in retrofit applications
  • Eliminate switch legs, traveler wires, and other raw materials

Ideal Uses

  • Energy-wise lighting and HVAC control, hospitality energy management, classroom automation, building remodeling, retrofit projects and more
  • All LevNet RF devices are NAFTA/Buy America compliant

Easy Wireless Sensing Solution.

Simply replace the existing wall switch with the Wireless Wall Switch Receiver and mount the Wireless Occupancy Sensor to the ceiling and installation is complete.