Z-Wave:  Dimmers, Switches, Modules & Controllers


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Z-Wave, the new standard in wireless remote control. Z-Wave is a next-generation wireless "ecosystem" that lets all your home electronics talk to each other, and to you, via remote control. It uses simple, reliable, low-power radio waves that easily travel through walls, floors and cabinets. Z-Wave functionality can be added to almost any electronic device in your house, even devices that you wouldn't ordinarily think of as "intelligent," such as appliances, window shades, thermostats and home lighting. Z-Wave lets you control these devices in ways that give you complete command even when you're not at home yourself. You can control your Z-Wave household remotely from a PC and the Internet from anywhere in the world...even through your cell phone!

• Virtually Unlimited Coverage --

• Modular, Expandable Design --

• Do-It-Yourself Simplicity --

• Unmatched Versatility --

• Powerful, Yet Cost Effective --

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Z-Wave manufactures various components for your home automation system, which includes:

  • Computer Interfaces
  • Dimmers
  • Switches
  • Modules
  • Motion Sensors
  • Receptacles
  • Remote Controllers
  • Wall Switches

Z-Wave is a registered trademark of Zensys Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.