UPB - Universal Powerline Bus

UPB Lighting: Dimmers, Switches, Modules & Controllers

A Highly Reliable Universal Powerline System

UPB (Universal Powerline Bus) technology provides an inexpensive and reliable solution for residential and commercial powerline communication applications. While other powerline communication technologies exist, none compare to UPB in cost per node, functionality,  reliability and UPB transmits farther (over a mile). This technology is less susceptible to powerline noise and capacitive attenuation (signal reduction) than other technologies. UPB transmits at a low frequency and therefore does not affect other powerline devices or appliance/loads.

Affordable Solution

UPB dimmer switches can be as affordable as high end non-communicating dimmers.  When comparing costs of home upgrades (theater TV, remodeled bath or kitchen) adding lighting automation provides improvement while not breaking the bank.

Simple Set-Up

Adding lighting control can be as simple as plugging in dimming modules or replacing dimming switches Pre-Configured Series. UPB provides reliability and performance anywhere in the home without the need of repeaters.      

No New Wires Needed

UPB dimmer switches are installed exactly like regular dimmer switches.  They connect to a home’s standard wiring. Since no new or special wiring is required, they work great in retrofit applications too.